Communo has announced that Blair Enns will become the Chief Sales Officer advising the Calgary-based executive team on sales strategy and further expansion into international markets.

Enns has deep knowledge of the advertising and marketing industry and brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to the executive team.

Communo is a curated network of marketing and advertising professionals who give and get work from one another through a membership community and accompanying app. It has more than 300 members across Canada, the US and Europe.

“I’m convinced there’s a new agency model that’s rising from the ashes of the old holding company acquisition-driven model,” says Enns, referring to the restructuring and closing of some of the world’s largest advertising and marketing agencies.

Enns says Communo allows creative professionals and advertising agencies to work together in a more flexible and democratic way. He says those that adopt this work-sharing model will be the ones who can best adapt to the changing landscape.

“It’s now a world of specialized experts. You don’t have to put up with a generalist when you can have an expert in a matter of minutes,” says Enns.

“The primary advantage for small specialized experts is that they can get work from larger firms without being acquired or having to go and work for them. The corollary advantage to the larger firms is the ability to staff up for projects without adding to overhead, the ability to swap out different levels and depths of expertise from project to project and client to client,” he adds.

Enns worked alongside Cult Collective and Communo co-founders Ryan Gill and Chris Kneeland for many years in the Calgary advertising market. He spent more than a decade in new business and account management roles with some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and some smaller design firms. Blair will continue to serve as CEO of Win Without Pitching, a sales training and coaching organization for creative professionals and firms around the world, which he founded in 2013. He’s also the author of two books on selling and pricing for creative professionals.

Also joining the executive team is Patrick Orr, VP of Marketing and Growth, Danielle Durand, the VP of Member Success and Hospitality and Sean Hamilton, Product Lead.

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Michelle Schurman
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