Pride Week Volunteer Appreciation Party happening at Communo Compound Sept. 8th

“I feel like my career is just starting, there’s a lot on the horizon right now,” says Allison Dunne, a 29-year-old communications professional and owner of Pink Flamingo, her own public relations company.

These days, she feels inspired, hopeful and, most importantly, safe to try something new in a creative atmosphere that welcomes someone from the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’m a gay black woman,” says Dunne. “You get judged as being radical really quickly. I was very straight up when I joined Communo and Patrick made me cry happy tears, I felt really acknowledged,” she says.


With a PR degree from Mount Royal University and several years of experience in the communications field, most recently as the Director of Communications for Calgary Pride, she’s excited to nurture her entrepreneurial spirit and take advantage of the Communo model, leaning on others to help grow her business and share skills, talent and resources.

“I always thought I’d be working for a big or small company, just plugging away trying to make ends meet, but it’s been really difficult. I have a lot to offer and Communo is enabling me to do it on my own and make it happen,” she says.

As a member of Communo, Dunne is entitled to use the Compound as an event venue. She knew right away the outdoor grounds and on-site Quonset would be the perfect location for the Pride Week Volunteer Appreciation Party, taking place on Saturday, Sept. 8, by invite only.

It takes a small army of volunteers (about 300 of them!) to make the weeklong festival run smoothly and Dunne believes they deserve a blow out party like they’ve never seen before. In previous years, the volunteer party has not been well attended, due to less than ideal venues and restrictions at city parks.

“Our volunteers are the backbone of pride and the party is a great way for everyone to get together, make new friends, relax and enjoy the nice weather, while we still have it in September.”

Communo is a proud partner of Pride Week 2018 and is excited to collaborate with the LGBTQ+ community on future events and professional opportunities.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for people in the LGBTQ community, but they don’t have the same outlets or the outlets that are out there in order for them to become more successful aren’t safe,” says Dunne.

“I feel like Communo really wants to provide that safe platform where people can really come alive, if being an entrepreneur is what they want to do.”

You can get more information on Pride Week activities, and register here if you’re interested in attending a Communo info session.

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