A new Seattle creative community, known as Creative Connect, is co-hosting an upcoming evening workshop on Friday, Sept. 28, designed to give creative professionals the confidence to sell themselves and the knowledge to close the sale.

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Ashley Hoffman, co-founder of Creative Connect

“We identified this as a need,” says Ashley Hoffman, a Seattle-based content marketer, writer and brand storyteller and co-founder of Creative Connect Seattle. “We want to help creative people better sell themselves without having any of that ‘ickiness’ that comes with the word ‘selling’ or ‘sales’.”

Hoffman, who runs her own creative firm Ashh Marketing, says many of her colleagues are amazing at their craft but really struggle with the sales side of the equation.

“I’m saying this as a creative myself. Writing is what I do, but when it comes to talking to people and sealing the deal without feeling like a used car salesman, it’s a lot easier said than done. I know this is a problem a lot of us face,” says Hoffman.

Positioning is the foundation of business development

Creative Connect is co-hosting the upcoming workshop with Communo on Friday evening led by our co-founder Chris Kneeland, who is also a positioning expert.

The workshop will teach business owners how to leverage the positioning of their firm to shift the power and change the way services are bought and sold. Positioning is the foundation of business development success, and ultimately, business success, according to Kneeland.

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Identify your core positioning
  • Identify your ideal client
  • 5 ways to amplify your positioning

Hoffman is excited to provide a place for creatives to learn how to get more business and actually close on the clients they do find. Visit this Eventbrite link to sign up.

“There’s a really important mindset, it’s more like you’re a doctor prescribing a solution rather than prescribing something that somebody doesn’t need. When you have that mindset, when you actually are meeting a need, and your heart is in the right place, it becomes a lot easier,” says Hoffman.

To learn more about Communo, please visit our membership services. You can find Creative Connect on Facebook.


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