It’s arguably the most successful and well attended meet up for creatives in the world and we’re thrilled to have our CEO, Ryan Gill, speaking at Creative Mornings Vancouver on October 5th.

From Berlin to Minneapolis, Ecuador to Vancouver, the theme of Honesty will be discussed worldwide this Friday.

Started in 2008, and now in its 10th year, Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast series (always on Fridays) which offers creative professionals the opportunity to connect, succeed, learn and thrive.

“We touch 25,000 people a month. Creative Mornings is the largest face-to-face creative community on the planet!” says Mark Busse, the host of the Vancouver chapter, which was the first in Canada.

On October 5th, Ryan Gill will share his personal and professional story – one he’s been quite open about with his friends, family, colleagues and social media followers.

“He’s giving his power away to others by being really honest about where the opportunities for growth live.”

A successful entrepreneur who hit rock bottom before figuring out that there had to be a better way and a broader definition of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Now living his life guided by the principles of generosity and community, Busse says Gill was a natural fit for October’s theme of Honesty and Authenticity.

“At first I thought ‘Oh, another white guy with a tech startup.’ But then I watched some of his videos and I thought, he really gets it. He’s giving his power away to others by being really honest about where the opportunities for growth live.”

Initially, Creative Mornings was started for the creative community, but its ability to continually find speakers who inspire and engage has made it popular with a much broader audience.

“We’ve long moved past it just being for designers, marketers and artsy fartsy types, it’s for everybody,” says Busse.

“Magic happens when there’s time for them to speak amongst themselves.”

During these breakfast sessions, about 200 Vancouverites regularly gather to hear from influential, inspiring and thought-provoking speakers. It’s intentionally kept small and intimate so the audience can talk amongst themselves, formulate questions and have a dialogue with the speaker.

“The speaker tells their story, tackles the theme, and then the speaker and I step away and the audience converses amongst themselves. Magic happens when there’s time for them to speak amongst themselves,” he says.

Previous speakers have included Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Mangan, indigenous innovator Michelle Nahanee and award-winning journalist and editor of The Discourse, Erin Millar.

You can read Ryan Gill’s Q and A with Creative Mornings to learn more about his first entrepreneurial debut, secret desires and honest advice about what he wished he’d known years ago.

Thanks to Creative Mornings for inviting Ryan to speak and to the event sponsor Fully Managed future forward IT solutions.


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