It’s official – the Vancouver Communo compound is open! The ribbon cutting ceremony happened at our Grand Opening event on Friday, Nov. 16th as members, supporters and friends looked on. You can tell…we’re really excited.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Communo Vancouver

Vancouver, we feel the love!

Thanks to everyone who attended and sent their warm wishes and congratulations via social media.

Communo CEO Ryan Gill and Stephen Hayes-McCoy

The long-anticipated opening is welcome news for members living and working in the Vancouver area. It will be a central hub for events, networking, mixers and a variety of speaker sessions. Seeing the Vancouver compound become a reality was a dream come true for CEO Ryan Gill.

guests at Vancouver Communo compound

“In the startup world, there are lots of valleys, but today I’m on the mountain top. We had this idea to start a platform for the creative, marketing and digital industry and now, just one year later, we’ve been able to grow it and bring it to multiple cities,” says Gill. “We’re pumped to be in an amazing city like Vancouver, and it’s just the beginning. We’re charging towards Toronto and the U.S. next.”


Communo VP of member services Mark Fromson

Rent space or hot desk at the Compound

We encourage our members to frequent the compound….frequently. Even if you don’t need permanent office space, sometimes just dropping in for an hour or two can be so valuable. You’ll be surprised at how many people you will meet, the conversations you’ll be a part of and the creative collisions that happen when people are all working in the same space together. Hey, you’ve got to leave your home office once in a while, right? And, remember, we have a free hot desk policy for members on Blender days, which take place on the last Thursday of the month.

people watching the ribbon cutting at Communo

Communo member Ashley Reutlinger, a project manager with the firm Scotch and Ramen, says the energy was incredible – laughter and friendship shared between talented business owners from one spectrum of the industry to the other.

“For those just coming for their first time or those who have been with Communo from the start, everyone helped celebrate this milestone as a team. The networking is exceptional and everyone is included. At Scotch and Ramen, we’re excited to be on this journey with you,” says Reutlinger.

Welcoming new LocalSolo members

As we welcome LocalSolo members to the platform as part of our recent acquisition, we wanted to let you know a bit more about where they live and work. Canadian LocalSolo members are primarily located in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. In the United States, the major market cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Internationally, there are LocalSolo and soon to be Communo members in London, Singapore and Amsterdam.

You can watch a personal greeting from CEO Ryan Gill and former LocaSolo CEO Mark Fromson.

Building a market network

The great thing about market networks, which is what we are building, is that as more like-minded and similar talent or agencies join, the bigger the marketplace becomes and the greater value it adds to everyone. Expertise and generosity are the core DNA of our community. So, jump on the app and don’t be shy about reaching out, connecting and helping others. Get to know your fellow Communo members so it becomes even easier to work with each other.


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