Margo Purcell is a management consultant who’s been working in the field of employee engagement and workplace culture for more than a decade. As a trained facilitator and team builder, she helps companies diagnose and solve internal communication problems that are holding them back.

“We know that when you have disengaged employees and low morale, there are dollar figures attached to that,” says Margo, the owner of Open to Possibilities. “You can spend a ton of money on your outward face, but what’s happening inside your company is likely having a greater impact on your bottom line.”

The cost of a disengaged employee

One study from CareerBuilder found 69% of employers reported being negatively affected by a bad hire. 41% said it cost them $25,000 and 24% said it cost them $50,000.

Margo has worked with clients in the academic, oil and gas, resource and non-profit sector. Since joining Communo, she’s developed a niche working with other Communo members so they can help struggling clients.

“What I do is really complementary to what other Communo members are doing,” says Margo.

“Sometimes, there’s something larger going on. Clients think they need a brand refresh, but actually what’s happening internally is leading to external communication challenges,” she says.

Some signs of workplace culture problems are obvious – team members just aren’t getting along. But, often it’s more subtle and can show up in less obvious ways. Perhaps there’s tension in the boardroom or co-workers are talking over one another or undercutting each other’s remarks.

Through individual coaching and group sessions, Margo works to improve employee engagement and workplace culture which, ultimately, saves clients money.

“Now, that marketing campaign that we did is paying even more dividends because internally we’re operating so much better, we’re actually retaining the profit. We’re retaining staff and the knowledge they bring.”

Building relationships and swapping services with other Communo members

Margo has been running her business since 2004. She launched well before the days of LinkedIn and Facebook and loves that Communo provides an instant community and networking opportunity.

She’s been taking time over the last few months to meet with other Communo members one-on-one to build relationships, teach them about what she does and the services she offers.

She’s already exchanged knowledge, advice and work with fellow Communo members and is excited about future opportunities.

What would you tell your 20-year-old self? – “If it scares you, do it!”

What is something about you that might surprise us? Her childhood best friend is Canadian actress Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy fame. She attended the Emmy’s with Sandra in 2005.

Advice to new Communo members? “Reach out and connect with people – have those one-on-one conversations and make it meaningful. Find out what they do and find the complementary space you can create together.”


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