Rebecca Smith was away on vacation when she read a job post describing a freelance copywriter for the marketing and advertising industry. The timing was perfect – she’d been dreading going back to her serving job at a restaurant. She thought creative writing might pave the way towards a new career.

She’d won writing contests in high school and had studied acting, theatre and film in school. Shorty after that vacation, she bought her company URL and slowly started building a portfolio of copywriting samples. Rebecca completed her first few jobs for free to gain valuable experience.

She changed her beliefs about what was possible for her business

Her entrepreneurial journey started with changing the way she thought about her business and making a conscious effort to design a life well-suited to her personality and life goals.

“For me, it’s not working in an office, it isn’t climbing a corporate ladder, it isn’t having a certain amount of money. For me, it’s having freedom and feeling good, versus trying to fit into a box because that’s what success looks like or what my friends would approve of.”

Copy is your online salesperson

Rebecca has been operating Wordplenty, a copywriting service for the marketing and advertising industry, for the last three years. She works with a wide variety of clients, specializing in services such as email marketing, sales funnels, sequences and converting website visitors into online customers.

She loves the research phase and finding the right “voice” to present in her materials.

There are tons of different tones, but it depends on who we are speaking to. It’s not necessarily the voice the clients wants, it’s how your audience speaks, the language they use, this is the research I’ve done and this is how we will reach them and resonate with them,” she says.

Communo makes networking easy

As in introvert, who is completely happy having her nose buried in a book all day, she finds networking can be a struggle. She joined Communo to “piggyback” onto an existing and rapidly growing network of like-minded creative professionals.

“A good 70% of my business is coming through Communo. It’s a steady and substantial pipeline,” says Rebecca, who is so busy she’s started turning work away.



“I would meet people at the Member Blender events, and they would go off and sell me to their clients, more often than I was selling myself. It was so worth it for that.”

Rebecca has experimented with sub-contracting to other writers but prefers doing most of the work herself. At this time, she’s not planning on growing her business to include employees and doesn’t love the thought of managing others. She enjoys running her one-woman show and has plans to eventually build more travel into her lifestyle.

Advice for Communo members? “Hoping that people will find you, doesn’t work. So much of it is helping people find you and helping them understand what it is you do and how it will help them.”

What would you tell your 20-year-old self? “Honor the path you’re on. You have a right to be happy and a responsibility to figure out what that takes.”

What would we be surprised to learn about you? “An empty schedule is heaven to me. I could read a book all day and be happy.”



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