With a background in dance, theatre and public relations, Aryn Kalson Sperandio always liked creating stories. But, it wasn’t until she became an executive ghostwriter that she discovered her superpower.

“I make professionals sound like the leaders they already are.”

Her company,True Story Consulting, provides writing and communications support for business leaders, who are either too busy or don’t have the talent to do it themselves. Most of the time, it’s a combination of both.

“I interview people without it feeling like they’re being interviewed,’ says Aryn. “I hear their story, get to know them, get a sense of what’s important to them and then I start to extract the storyline from that.”

She’s had the chance to work with business leaders from a variety of sectors – including marketing and advertising, financial advising and a well-known retired sports figure.

Behind-the-scenes writing allows executives to shine

Sometimes they’re looking for her to write a speech, blog posts, contributed articles and presentations.

As a person who loves research, she enjoys crafting the story to make it newsworthy and meaningful to others.

“When they’re so close to their business and so passionate about what they do they can’t see the forest for the trees. Or, they can no longer see what is actually interesting to people anymore, because they think it’s all awesome!”

One of her newest services is a program she calls Blogs to Books, which is a step-by-step program to help break down the intimidating task of writing a book.

“We write about eight to ten really purposeful blogs or articles. They are all geared towards an end goal. Then we have all this battery of content at the end and parlay that into an e-book, a printed book or something more substantial – a product that people will want to buy.”

Aryn loves running her own business and she’s proud to be an executive ghostwriter, using her love of research and writing talent to help others shine.

Communo membership provides valuable connections and new business

With three kids at home, she knew her career needed to have flexibility. She worked short-term contracts and freelance jobs when her children were young, but gradually started to change the language she used to describe her business.

“It’s a huge learning curve every day,” she says. “We all have imposter syndrome…some days you ask yourself, ‘Am I really old enough to do this?’ ” she laughs.

Through Communo, Aryn has made some valuable connections across the country that have translated into new leads and business. She’s still learning how to find and hire others in the community to complement her services.

What about you might surprise us? I grew up just outside New York City, but I’ve been in Canada since 2006. I have dual citizenship.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to work out; I’m a ‘gym rat.’ I also love to go for walks and hang out with friends.

Advice for Communo members? You need to network the hell out of it. No one is hiring you unless they think they know you already.


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