Katherine Lesperance doesn’t mind being called a “nerd.” In fact, this self-described marketing nerd loves her job so much, she’s been doing almost every facet of marketing since she was a Co-op student at the University of Calgary.

Her resume includes wholesale marketing, TV product marketing, mobile phones, loyalty and almost every stage of the customer lifecycle.

“I love understanding people and how simple messaging can really change a behavior,” says Katherine, the founder of Sensible Marketer. “You get to see that from the minute you put on a campaign right until the end when you can see what the results were.”

After working in the marketing department at a large Calgary company for many years, she went out on her own last year. She works with large and small clients helping them craft email marketing campaigns, CRM and brand messaging.

While she enjoys running her own business, she admits it was scary at first.

“Being a mom, I needed a full-time, secure job and consulting doesn’t check any of those boxes,” she laughs. “But, it’s been so rewarding. I don’t have to work full-time hours and if I am working over-time, I’m getting paid for it. I feel so much more in control of my career than I was previously.”

Recently, Katherine has added some new, larger clients to her roster with diverse marketing needs. She’s better able to serve these clients by leaning on her Communo counterparts with different skill sets.

She is forging new partnerships and hiring sub-contractors within Communo to round out her business offerings.

“One of my biggest lessons is that I can’t do this alone,” she says. “I want to be that one stop shop for my clients, so I can work within Communo to find the right people. It’s fantastic because then I don’t have to give that work elsewhere and I know who I can trust.”

Katherine enjoys the supportive nature of Communo and finds she’s always learning new things from other members. Communo has given her the confidence to take on larger clients and projects and even walk into meetings and pitches with a new found level of expertise and competency.

While confidence may be an “intangible,” it’s priceless for Katherine.

Advice for new Communo members: It’s about relationships. Don’t ask people what they do, get to know them. Find out who has the same vision and complements your skills.


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