TORONTO, May 22, 2019 –Today, Communo Ltd., one of North America’s leading contingent worker platforms, and fast-growing tech start-up announces a strategic partnership with Amsterdam-born creative workspace provider, SPACES.

Communo already resides in Spaces Gastown in Vancouver and plans to open new offices in Toronto, Seattle, and New York immediately.

Consistent with Spaces’ commitment to improving how small and medium-sized business owners connect, this partnership further differentiates Spaces’community-oriented co-working spaces. “Our commitment is to champion innovative and productive work environments that espouse social interaction and collaboration for our tenants and their clients.” says Wayne Berger, CEO of IWG Canada and Latin America, which owns Spaces.

Spaces’ dynamic work environments support Communo’s vision to reduce the expenses that so often hamper agencies’ growth, such as poorly utilized staff and inflexible lease terms. “Many agencies inappropriately lock themselves into long-term leases despite no longer enjoying long-term client contracts. Spaces not only aligns with our mission to reduce overhead for emerging agencies and foster strength through community but their locations and aesthetic are also perfectly suited for the Creative class” says Ryan Gill, Communo co-founder, and CEO.

Spaces has over 15 million square feet of inspiring workspace in 205 cities.

“We are on a mission to transform the global marketing services industry through a sharing economy of talent, jobs and vital business resources. Core to those resources is office space that allow our members –and their clients –to meet regularly and collaborate seamlessly,” says Gill. “Our members require the type of facilities and amenities that Spaces curate so well. Also, all of us know that in this digital age, loneliness is becoming an epidemic and social connectedness is the cure. Our partnership with Spaces allows us to attack this problem head-on as we put a premium on IRL (in real life) experiences, even though we are a digital platform. That’s what sets us apart and now this global partnership enables that dream at scale.”

Global and North American workplace trends point towards fundamental shifts to how and where people work. For example, a study by Spaces parent company, IWG, found Canadian businesses recognized that offering flexible working strategies, such as coworking space, provided them with significant benefits:

•Business growth (88%)

•Competitiveness (88%)

•Attracting and retaining top talent (71%)

•Profit maximization (83%)

•Reduced real estate management costs (81%)

Communo already resides in SpacesGastownin Vancouver, and plans to open new offices in Toronto, Seattle, and New York immediately. Following those launches, Communo and Spaces will provide any number of office space configurations to members within any market where Communo members wish to scale their businesses. “This is a game changer. Madison Ave has a new address and it is whatever city Spaces has an office and our members desire to call it home. I’m optimistic about this partnership because now Communo members anywhere can move into a Communo office within a Spaces facility and begin to more fully reap the benefits of what our community has to offer. We’ve learned that members who use our App improve their businesses, but members who use the App and cohabitate, thrive.”, says Gill.

An official global agreement will be signed this week in Toronto during the Collision Conference.

“Our members require the type of facilities and amenities that Spaces curate so well.”

About Spaces
Spaces offers an inspiring work environment for professionals and growing businesses. In addition to office space, there are meeting rooms and programs to help encourage creation and cooperation with like-minded people. Spaces’ goal is to offer inspirational surroundings with an entrepreneurial spirit where ideas are born, a company can evolve and valuable relationships are built. Spaces has locations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

About Communo
Founded in 2017, Communo helps agencies connect people to projects and projects to people and provides vital resources that make entrepreneurship easier. Communo members join a closed network of talented marketing service professionals, meaning end-user clients can’t access Communo members. Communo values the craftsmanship of its members and helps them make more money by running better businesses and accessing talent and deal flow in a seamless manner.

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