Adjusting to remote work takes time, energy, and coaching. None of which was given to the employees who are now quarantined and forced to work remotely. How will they adjust to the new normal? 

Employees are scrambling to get a handle on working from home.

There is laundry to do, the kids want to play, you have a meeting in 15 minutes, and you are out of coffee. Working from home is not a walk in the park, it takes a different set of rules and structure than an office job does. With the average transition phase from office to remote work over the past week being one day, employees do not have the same tools and support they had in the office a week ago.

Take a page from the freelancer handbook.

Freelancers are some of the most effective remote workers in the industry, they have learned to manage work stressors at home and personal responsibilities at work. At this point in the global transition to isolated working styles we can all take a page from the freelancer’s experience as we make a transition to remote work but that COVID-19 has thrust upon us.

How to hack remote work.

With the fast transition that the majority of the workforce is facing from office to remote it can be hard to feel in control, prepared, and ready for such a large change. However, with the correct structure, communication, and culture, you can maintain and even grow your productivity when working from home. 

In this article series Working with Remote Teams, a guide to setting yourself up for success when working remotely, Communo will dive into the different at home tips and tricks that our successful freelancers use to stay connected and productive when working for some of the best agencies in the business. Before then, here are a few tips and trick to help you get started:

  1. Create an Office:
    You have a space at work that is meant only for you to focus and get work done. To effectively work at home and not get distracted by family, pets, and chores, that same space needs to be established in your home.
  2. Set a Schedule and Commit to it:
    You have office hours for a reason, especially in times of stress there needs to be a work life balance to maintain your happiness and mental health.
  3. Make an effort to connect:
    When working in your office you have your team and colleagues all around you, there are many times you can have “water cooler” interactions. When working from home you need to actively engage and make all those conversations happen!
  4. Find your new normal:
    Your whole life and routine has been flipped upside down. Gaining back a resemblance of your normal life will be hard. It is important to re establish a new normal in both work and home life.
  5. Health and Wellness:
    Quarantine does not only mean working from home, but living from home as well. Both social isolation and quarantine can have a negative impact on mental health and physical wellness. Take an active role in your own self care.  

The world is facing a pandemic with the spread of the coronavirus, now more than ever we need to support each other and help maintain our community. If you are looking to stay connected to Communo and our community, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, member features, opportunities to connect, and polls of the community!


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