Working remotely is a difficult task.

You’re sitting at home and that pile of laundry feels like it’s staring at you. We get it…you have the added pressures of home and work responsibilities now in one place. How do you create an effective home office space?

The trick to succeed at working from home is to treat it like an office job.

If you let it, working from home can be an arduous task. So don’t let it! Create an office at your home by separating your house from your office mentally instead of physically. When you go to the office, nothing about you changes but your mentality and preparedness. Through the following tips and tricks, we will teach you how to create that same mindset in your own home office.

  1. Get dressed. 
    Get dressed in clothes that are acceptable to go out in public in, so not sweatpants or pyjamas. By getting changed your mind prepares itself for productivity. When was the last time that you had a very productive day in sweatpants? For the majority of people that answer is they haven’t. So set yourself up for success by dressing for it.
  2. Set up an office area that is strictly for work.
    Preferably a separate room from your bedroom or dining room, but if that is not possible then set up your environment. If you are going to work at your kitchen table, then treat it like a coffee shop or co-working space. Set up and take down your work supplies before and after work hours. Have the ability to step away and have the space return to its original use. In other words, do not eat lunch and dinner at your computer, separate the two factions of your life like you would if you were still going into the office.
  3. Limit your distractions.
    If you have family or children at home with you during this time, set limitations. When you go into your office spaces they must ask to talk with you like your coworkers would. If you have young children, the office is a great quiet room for them to colour or read in with you, but it is not the room to run around and play in.
  4. Separate work from home.
    It might feel like work is an optimal time to just throw one load of laundry in. Do not do household chores while at work. It blends work and home life. Especially when working from home, create times in your day for personal time and work. 
  5. Recharge your own way.
    Working from home can create many opportunities to be flexible with your schedule. Want to make a decadent dinner and do yoga at lunch? No problem schedule your day accordingly. The scheduling opportunities you have are not limited as they can be when working in office. 

Working from home can be the most stressful work environment or the most balanced. A large part of succeeding in remote work is creating the workspace you will thrive in. Identify how you work the best, whether that is in complete silence or with a “coffee shop” environment, and recreate those factors so that you can stay mentally healthy and productive.

If you are looking to stay productive over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for our next blog post: Staying Productive when Working from Home and follow us on our social channels for updates.


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