Building the perfect team is hard. Attracting, managing and engaging full-time, contract or freelance workers, while maintaining company culture productivity and quality is extremely challenging. How can agencies thrive in today’s talent crisis?

Agencies are losing in the war for talent.

Agency teams are in constant flux as they scale up or down, and attempt to replace the revolving door of full-time employees (FTEs). Today’s talent economy doesn’t make this task any easier.

The cost to hire for agencies is on average 2.25x the average salary of an employee. It takes too long to hire: 90 Days for a FTE, 30 days for freelancers. There is a FTE shortage, with over 1/3 of the workforce having transitioned to self-employment and more competition for talent as internal agencies have risen from 58% to 78% over the last 5 years. If talent is everything in this business, why are we making it so hard to get access to the quality needed to get the job done?

Remote work is no longer an opportunity; it is a necessity.

The remote workforce is growing as top talent is switching to freelancing. The way we work is changing, and companies can either adapt and survive or struggle to maintain their status quo. We’re now entering an economic climate onset by a global virus pandemic,  COVID-19. The early adopters of the remote working movement are poised to thrive; however, the majority of companies are being thrust into a remote work culture and are not set up to succeed. Millions of companies have instituted work from home policies to give nurses, doctors, and healthcare systems a fighting chance at slowing the virus. But, what impact will working remotely have on productivity, employee mental health, workflow, culture, and communication? 

A framework to master remote working.

At Communo we have been working to support the proliferation of the open-talent economy and remote working practices, and in the coming days we will be authoring content to help agency owners like you. In the short term, here are things you should start thinking about as you lead your teams and clients.

  1. Work Environments:
    Employees working remotely means you need to consider a new type of blended workspace for clients – a combination of digital and physical spaces to facilitate workflow. What does it mean to have a workspace for your employees today?
  2. Productivity Standards:
    The majority of North Americans are working from home, many with children in the house. The ability to separate work from life is going to be unrealistic in the coming weeks and months. What is a realistic productivity goal for your team?
  3. Communication and Collaboration:
    Communication and collaboration go hand in hand. Integrated workforces that have grown accustomed to problem solving in person will be at a disadvantage. What can teams do to facilitate a thriving system of communication and collaboration?
  4. Culture:
    A creative culture is delicate and creative work is an emotional labour. Most agencies pride themselves on creating a physical environment that fosters a superior culture of collaboration. How can teams foster the right interpersonal relationships without the advantages of physical spaces?
  5. Health and Wellness:
    The entire workforce of North America is acclimating to a new normal. This transition will be hard for some employees to adopt to, and harder for the organization. Our relationships with performance, this transition period, and interpersonal expectations will create new stressors. How can we prioritize the mental health of our teams during this stressful time?

As a creative industry we have excelled at adopting open-talent and remote work styles. We have the opportunity to lead our staff, our clients and each other through this challenging time. Stay tuned as we provide some practical applications around how you can navigate the challenges and opportunities of working ahead. Be sure to follow us on social media where we will distribute this content in the coming days.


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