Offices are more than a workspace. In office, employers can create company culture and promote employee engagement and productivity. How can agencies create these same results with a remote team?

Work relationships are critical to a high performing team. Employee engagement and relationships are necessary to building a work environment of trust where both employers and employees can be productive and fulfilled. The following tips can be beneficial to agencies as the trend to remote work continues to increase (and likely becomes the new normal).

10x the Communication:

Without face-to-face interaction with your employees, it’s important to avoid communication breakdown. Set clear expectations of day to day communications and establish structured daily check-ins, such as a 10 minute call to kick off and wrap up the day. Schedule one-on-one and team calls at regular, predictable intervals. Employees need to feel they are in a forum where they can voice concerns/questions and they will be heard. 

Set Communication Expectations:

Your employees will become more efficient at communicating if you set guidelines regarding frequency and method. Determine what means you will use for each: for example daily check-in meetings – use video conferencing; Slack/text for more urgent requests.

Connection, Connection, Connection:

Employees need to feel connected while working remotely, and email alone just doesn’t cut-it. Video conferencing tools allow employees to have fuller experience and provide similar visual cues as face-to-face meetings. Video conferences help decrease the feeling of isolation and feels far more personal than text and emails. 

An essential part of work culture is the ability for employees to interact socially…have informal conversations not related to work! Here are a few examples on how to dos so:

  • Dedicate a few minutes at the beginning of team calls to catching-up and to discuss non-work items.
  • Create an online area (Slack channel/Facebook Workspace etc.) where employees can discuss movies/books, recipes, share pictures of their pets…the sky’s the limit.
  • Recognize team members for their achievements and effort. Find a way to provide positive feedback and celebrate wins.
  • Find a method to move typical in-office social activities online. Have a virtual happy hour/pizza party! Celebrate birthdays and milestones together via your favourite video conferencing platform. (Ours is Zoom!)

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