Freelancing allows you to work with different projects and companies all over the world. But does it also provide you a quick in when you decide to put your gig work to the side and get a full time job doing what you love with your dream company?

In short, yes. Freelancing is the new way of working in the 21st century and more and more companies are adapting to this way of work. Freelancers are a great way for companies to meet their changing demands, without having to hire full time employees. However, it’s important to remember that when working for a company as a freelancer, you are a member of the team for that period. You may have the opportunity for a permanent position if one were to open up.

Companies typically look inward when hiring before posting anything externally. After all, it’s easier to hire someone who already has a sense of your company culture. As a freelancer, regardless of your niche, your experience is beyond your title.  Being a freelancer means that you’re a business owner, a boss, an accountant, an operations manager, the list goes on and on. All this makes you a great candidate who already has connections and experience within the company. A company’s most valuable assets are its employees and hiring can be a strenuous task to find the perfect fit. For freelancers who think of their job as a ‘trial period,’ they’ve already proven the work that they can do.

Even if you’re not ready to commit to a company and leave your freelancing work in the past, remember there is always the possibility that an amazing opportunity can come from a ‘quick gig.’ Job interviews are hard, but having experience with the company on your resume will go a long way in landing you the big break you may have been looking for.

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