Online video was experiencing exponential growth before Covid 19. Since then it has become an essential way for organizations and brands to communicate with their customers, shareholders and employees. Bryan has been working in creative production for the past 20 years. His virtual studio SINTR® has created over 500 motion graphics videos in the past decade, many of which were produced and delivered remotely.

Bryan shared his insights into the dramatic shifts in the industry, nuances of creating video for online social channels, broadcast TV, and virtual events with the goal of better connecting with audiences through motion graphics; in addition to tips and tricks on building videos while working remotely, and their importance.

Bryan’s Key Takeaways:

Clarity, Authenticity & Purpose

  • Don’t assume an audience knows why a business does what it does. Don’t assume a website with facts will be enough to convince someone to make that call or buy that product. Build a community – your audience wants to learn more. Bryan learned that video with personality builds a foundation of trust and consistency for brands of all sizes through social media distribution. So much of social media is overflowing with content. Ask yourself, “Why does your content matter? Why should people listen?” 

Give Everything Away

  • Want to know the secret to social media? Give away your tricks! The new form of digital currency starts with generosity which in turn, builds a personal brand connection to their organization in the same way that larger cult brands do.

Quality, Quality, Quality!

  • Audiences won’t stand for poor audio. Get a good microphone and shoot Camera RAW to capture better quality images with more flexibility for post-production adjustments.  With the myriad of production techniques available; lighting and production are important, however, production quality doesn’t replace having something important, relevant and authentic to share with your audience.

Your platform, your way!

  • To reach customers directly and manage your relationships, you need to build your own platform. Utilize social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to drive the top of the funnel to your site while keeping your permanent content on your website, blog and email list. You own those, they won’t change with an update to an algorithm.  

If you missed Bryan’s webinar, be sure to watch the recording below. Communo has tons in stock for summer 2020 so be sure to keep yourself updated with all of our upcoming online events in our app and on our social media. 

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