New technologies and innovation are constantly emerging in every sector of business. Utilizing these new technologies and methodologies can become a full time job on its own. Staying on top of your client’s needs while evolving with the industry is a constant struggle. Digital channels in particular can become major time consumers.

AI Growth Academy is a new cohort of digital agencies who will be introduced to utilizing and integrating AI into their digital campaigns. The use of AI will reduce the amount of time and money spent on collecting and crunching data across multiple marketing campaigns, channels, and ad spends. These insights will provide actionable strategies to expand current offerings to your clients. Morphio’s leaders have helped agencies scale from small teams to multi-million dollar operations.

How does it work?

The Growth Academy is a 4-week program that will provide best practices to integrate AI into your agency to save time and create capacity. You will attend an introductory class where you will learn how agencies are using AI and how to get started through the Morphio platform. During the program, you will have access to office hours with Morphio’s experts to ensure your success. In the third week, you will receive actionable insights to grow your accounts with proven data-driven sales strategies.

Want to join?

AI will soon be as common as analytics or CRM. The AI Growth Academy will help you adopt AI faster and more effectively than your competitors. If you are interested in joining this summer’s cohort, review the qualifications to join:

  • Your firm focuses on Digital Marketing or Website Development 
  • Your firm is Managing 6+ Clients Spending on Google and Facebook
  • The average spend per client is $5k+/month 
  • Bonus if you have Facebook Blue Certified or Google Ads Partners

If your agency does not meet these requirements but still wants to get ahead of your competition to integrate AI into your campaigns, you still can!

Fill out the form and be contacted for the next round of the AI Growth Academy that your agency qualifies for.

If you would like to be on the forefront of AI integration into marketing campaigns, apply for the AI Growth Academy.


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