Calgary, Alberta, January 6, 2021 – Today, Communo announced its partnership with APOLLO, providers of digital insurance offerings, to help Communo members within the marketing industry get the coverage they need in Canada. 

APOLLO is a leading digital insurance provider for independent contractors and freelance professionals. Their online platform makes it easy to access the insurance freelancers need and get covered in minutes.

Communo members have access to APOLLO’s services directly through the Communo app. Their services allow freelancers to set their independent businesses apart from their competitors by mitigating the risks for employers who want to hire them by getting the coverage they need in minutes.  

“APOLLO offers tailored solutions that are designed to help protect the success of small businesses and freelancers,” said Josh Pillsbury, VP Partnerships, APOLLO. “Partnering with Communo gives APOLLO the opportunity to validate thousands of top-talent freelancers across Canada with the legitimacy and credibility big companies look for when hiring freelancers.”

“In the height of the economic downturn and pandemic isolation, businesses are turning to freelancers to get more done with less. These employers enjoy scaling their workforce on-demand, with reduced fixed costs but need to diminish all risks associated with this new way of working. Apollo’s insurance products will help freelancers to create trust and confidence with employers so we can get back to what matters – doing great work!” Patrick Orr, V.P. of Marketing for Communo says. 


APOLLO is Canada’s largest online insurance marketplace. Our proprietary platform, the APOLLO Exchange, allows insurance agents and their customers to purchase their policy instantly, from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

APOLLO’s Website | APOLLO’s LinkedIn | APOLLO’s Twitter  

About Communo

Communo is a talent optimization platform that matches highly-vetted talent with advertising agencies and brands looking to staff projects or positions. Communo connects professionals across the entire industry, creating an ecosystem by facilitating meaningful relationships, networks, and collaboration.

Communo’s Website |Communo’s Instagram |Communo’s LinkedIn



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