Our mission is to eradicate loneliness in an industry plagued by it

The Communo story

It all started a long time ago, when Ryan Gill, our Co-founder, was a kid. He wasn’t the healthiest; he spent a lot of time in hospitals, away from home, friends, and family. He was lonely, craved connections, and missed catching up with friendly faces. 

So Ryan promised himself that when he’s older, he would try to create a positive change and build communities where people can connect and have each other’s back. 

Fast forward 20 years

Ryan and his partner, Chris Kneeland were struggling to scale their agency, CULT, with experienced creatives. They needed a limitless pool of freelancers to grow their business and tap into talent in minutes—not weeks. Other talent platforms were not helping: they felt like a race to the bottom where nobody won.

So Ryan and Chris decided, “We can build our own talent platform—and make it more than just a job board.”

That’s how Communo was born. Through a promise a young boy made to himself paired with a real pain point a marketing agency was experiencing.

The more we go digital, the more we need ritual and human connection. Communo connects professionals across the entire industry, facilitating collaboration and meaningful relationships. We’re cultivating a community that values relationships over transactions, where freelancers, agencies and businesses do great work together. 

Let’s rebuild the industry together and leave no one behind.


Ryan Gill – CEO


Communo aims to create a culture that empowers a humble, diverse, and independent workforce. We believe collaboration and generosity are powerful tools to help our team members grow their flames.

We empower each other to share unique perspectives. There is no opinion that should not be expressed, and no idea that should be ignored. Everyone is encouraged to use their voice.

We know most of us join companies but leave people. So we’re laid back and we don’t care about micromanagement and corporate drama. We care about celebrating each other and making an impact in each other’s lives, regardless if we are full-time, part-time or contractors. We value and support our colleagues 100%.

Our values guide everything we do


We believe we should give before we receive—whether it’s our time, knowledge, or a helping hand. The real winners in Communo are the givers. 


We are great listeners who are not ruled by our ego. We’re willing to admit our mistakes, learn from anyone, and are open to change and continuous improvement.


We’re doers who have a bias toward action. We’re not afraid to take the first step and fail fast as we work together toward a common goal.


We are resilient in the face of adversity, take ownership and consistently deliver for each other and our community. 


We’re committed to creating exceptional experiences that delight our members. We aim high, we don’t settle, and we love feedback.


Communo lifts people. We’re actively engaged with our members and build value for one another, celebrating each other’s wins and leaving no one behind.

Meet our team

This is us ♥

Say Hello

If you need help setting up your account, learning more about how the platform works, or just want to reach out, send us an email: [email protected]. We’re always happy to connect.

Or, if you’re in Calgary, stop by our headquarters for a coffee: 1025 10 St SE, Calgary, Canada.

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