Communo was founded in 2017 by Chris Kneeland and Ryan Gill, in response to their frustration with the lack of tools available to help grow their successful agency businesses. Communo is a talent optimization platform that matches highly-vetted talent with advertising agencies and brands looking to staff projects or positions. Communo connects professionals across the entire industry, creating an ecosystem by facilitating meaningful relationships, networks and collaboration. Communo is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has offices across North America.

Meet the leadership team

Ryan Gill

Ryan Gill

Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Communo

Ryan is Communo’s chief evangelist and product visionary. He is responsible for securing capital and leads mergers and acquisitions and guides the overall vision of the product and culture of the team.

Prior to founding Communo, Ryan was the co-founder and past president of Cult Collective, an international engagement agency, and co-founder of The Gathering, a world-class annual summit that brings together some of the top CMOs, biggest brands and 1,000 delegates to the mountain resort town of Banff, Alberta.

He’s a thought leader on the sharing economy and was a featured speaker at 2018 SXSW conference and Creative Mornings Vancouver. He’s interviewed regularly about entrepreneurial life, the gig /sharing economy and how the “little guy” can win. Ryan has published two books: Community, Inc., a guidebook for creative entrepreneurs, and Fix: Break The Addiction that’s Killing Brands.

In 1999, Ryan got his start in digital marketing and his first company, Suitcase Interactive, was a consistent best digital agency award winner. His tenacity and forward-thinking also led him, personally, to being awarded a coveted place on the auspicious 30 under 30 list, and subsequent 40 under 40 list here in Calgary. 15+ years ago he founded Project Smile, a charitable initiative that sees he and his employees make an annual service trip to impoverished communities.

Most importantly, he’s a husband and father of two little girls. You can follow Ryan on his social channels @RyanGillShares, where he shares daily content and business advice for budding creatives and entrepreneurs.

Chris Kneeland

Chris Kneeland

Co-Founder of Cult Collective, The Gathering, &

In 2011, Chris Kneeland merged his advertising agency with a digital firm he acquired. Disaster struck the new full service firm immediately through the loss of their largest account. With 65% of revenue gone, Kneeland and partner Ryan Gill pivoted. They focused the new firm on audience engagement, renamed it CULT and moved to a “Hollywood studio” model of a small core team that tapped a large network of freelancers and other small agencies for the more specialized and rapidly changing skills.

CULT thrived under the new model. Grown revenue double digits every year while reducing staff from 46 to 21.

The firm survived the initial shock and began to thrive and grow, without growing their headcount or their overhead. That network became Communo which is now home to over 30,000 freelancers and over $65M worth of work.

In a couple of years that network blossomed to 72 different entities. Cults Collective became Communo, which allowed these firms to feed each other. Now thousands of agencies.

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Communo is always looking for individuals to add value to our team and platform. Want to change the industry? Check out our current opportunities.

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