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For growing agencies to scale their staffing responsibly and partner on business development with other members.


Per Month*

Unlimited Job Posts Per Month
Unlimited Job Applications Per Month
4 App Seats
4 Specializations


Annual membership subscription paid monthly


For busy agencies to scale fast through direct access talent on demand while gaining regular recruitment support through Scout.


Per Month*

Unlimited Job Posts Per Month
Unlimited Job Applications Per Month
2 Scouts Per Month
4 App Seats
5 Specializations


Annual membership subscription paid monthly

No Commissions

Your profits are your own. Communo does not, and never will, skim transactions.

Closed Community

Communo is by agencies for agencies. Your clients cannot join our community to access talent.

Seriously Vetted

Communo vetts it's members to ensure you find the quality professionals you need.

Talent Guaranteed

If our community doesn't have the talent you need, then you don't pay for your next month.

Common Questions

Simply put, we are not satisfied with how the marketing industry works, so we’re changing it. We know that marketing entrepreneurs can create more value for their clients and for themselves. If your application is accepted, you will become a part of a movement of entrepreneurs who are changing the game.

As soon as you apply and make your first payment the member success team immediately begins their due diligence to verify your business and application. Within 1 business day your application will be accepted or rejected, and you will be scheduled for vetting and onboarding.

Vetted members are distinguished in the platform from the others because they have successfully completed Communo Vetting. The Vetting process lasts up to 3 weeks and involves checking references, reviewing process and case studies along with a 1:1 interview with the Communo team. Vetted members are sourced first for recruiting needs, appear higher in search rankings and are associated with best-in-class among the membership.

Verified members pass minimum viable vetting to join the Community. The Communo team verifies their business, portfolio, and contact details upon application. Verifying members only takes 24 hours.

Each Scout starts with a 1:1 call with our member services team. We work together to understand your unique needs around the desired talent and budget. We then take the requirements and widdle down our list of 28000 potential candidates to 5 agencies or solopreneurs for you to hire. This process can be as quick as 1 day and as long as 5 days.

No. Communo does not, and never will take a commission from its members. We do not skim transactions or have any hidden fees.

If you post for a project hire in Communo and you don’t get a qualified applicant after 5 business days, your next month is free. If nobody in Communo specializes in what you need, let us know!

No. Communo is a pay to play platform.