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Transforming the Marketing and Creative Services Industry

Join us for our weekly deep dive into a movement fueled by freelancers, consultants and agile agencies that creates an unmatched competitive advantage for their marketing services professionals.


  • Macroeconomic trends that are forcing change in our industry
  • Learn about the platform and how current members leverage it
  • Understand the values of our community
  • Determine if there is alignment and fit with your professional trajectory


0:15 - 0:00Arrive Early and Audio and Video Set-up

0:00 - 0:10Round table introductions

0:10 - 0:40Learn about the Communo Model

0:40 - 0:50Platform Demo

0:50 - 1:00Questions and Answers

Why Communo, Why now?

No Industry is changing more quickly than Marketing Services. How are you preparing?

Most of the changes have left agency principals and freelancers struggling to navigate the newness with disappearing AORS, in-house agencies, volatiles revenue models, +30% employee attrition, increasingly complex service verticals. Dealing with floods and unqualified freelancers.

Entering Communo – Communo is a sharing economy that connects people to projects and projects to people. We are a place where agencies and creatives thrive through the giving and getting of work, and sharing vital resources.

Are you a fit? How does it work?

We are looking for the right marketing and creative entrepreneurs in Seattle to join Communo. If you share our values, and vision and believe in the Sharing Economy. You might be a perfect fit.

Communo News

New tips and advice to help marketing, creative and advertising entrepreneurs thrive in the sharing economy.