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We make it quick and easy to search, sort and qualify the right specialists from a global pool of 30,000+ freelancers based on your unique compatibility requirements.

Onboard compatible talent in minutes.

Communo connects your team to the right specialists, on-demand, so you can spend more time pitching, winning and executing your best work.

Integrate or outsource. Whatever works.

Less time spent looking for compatible team members means more time proactively forecasting and sourcing the specialists your clients need most.

Working together.

Optimizing your workforce with an on-demand strategy is a big job. Our talent optimization experts can help you transition with confidence.

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  • Believe

    Believe in your agency's true potential by being exposed to new staffing paradigms and practices.

    This 1 day workshop we will expose you to new paradigms and practices.

  • Behave

    Behave as talent optimized agencies do by mastering the tools that they use.

    Working together over 3 months we will help you adopt optimized practices, processes and policies.

  • Become

    Become a talent optimized agency.

    Over 6 months we will help you rehabilitate your organization's practices, processes and policies.

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