Find projects that fit your skills and work on your own terms.

Chloë C – Social Media Manager

Communo connects you with the right opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd

With Communo, your profile is your application. Showcase your skills, references, and portfolio, and let clients see how truly talented you are.

Build your network

We value relationships over transactions. Connect with businesses and agencies, join talent communities, and build your network to grow your net worth.

Get the job faster

The average hiring time on Communo is five days. But we’ve seen people onboarded in less than 24 hours.

Work with the right clients

Connect with bigger, better clients willing to invest time and money on projects and create long-term business relationships.

Keep 100% of what you earn

We don’t charge service fees, which means you set your own rates and keep 100% of what you earn.

Find your community.

Expand your network, make the right connections and watch your career grow.

Better clients, better work, and better pay.

When you sign up for Communo today, you instantly get access to:

Find your next job


Before Communo, I was trapped in Upwork’s race to the bottom: fishy clients, unsteady work, and crappy money. Communo helps me find meaningful work, get paid what I deserve, and expand my network.

Alexandra Uifalean
Freelance Copywriter

Communo’s got a steady stream of projects and strong value for freelancers. I’ve closed over 50K in projects over the last three months.

Carson McKee
Freelance Brand Consultant

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