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Annual memberships for organizations with more than 1 salaried employee.

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Communo Overview

  • Get an overview of the services that Communo provides and understand how they can transform your staffing model.
  • Understand how the Communo Companion app works and how your team of Recruiters and Talent managers can leverage it daily.
  • Review the breadth of talent that you can access in our Community to augement your staffing.
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Agency Whitepaper

  • Discover the three macro-economic trends catalyzing a movement towards more agile agency staffing models.
  • Understand how staff augmentation platforms Communo can help your operating model and how to evaluate them.
  • Uncover six key considerations to help you find balance in your agency staffing model and thrive as a modern agency.
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Self Assessment

  • Identify your current state and desired performance for your professional career over the next 24 months across.
  • Gain critical insights across 7 key areas: Courage, Excitement, Owning your future, Time Management, Teamwork & Collaboration, Profitable Growth and peace of mind.
  • Discuss your self assessment with the Communo team and determine if there is a fit to improve it.
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