How it works

Communo is a technology powered Community of marketing and creative service firms who participate in a Sharing Economy. Our onboarding, vetting, technology and events support our culture.

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Becoming a Candidate

Getting started is simple and fast, you can be up and running in the community in 1 business day

Apply Online

The application starts when you agree to the terms and conditions and complete your payment and candidacy begins.

Complete Full Long Application

After your initial application is completed you will receive a long form application to set goals and expectations.

Get Access and Onboarded

Within 24 hours of the completion of your long form application the vetting begins and you are off to the races with Communo.

Achieving Approved Member Status

Vetting is quick and painless, you can be branded and bonded in less than 30 days.

Provide your References

An important part of getting to know your business, is getting to know the people you have hired and have hired you.

Write your Case Studies

Build confidence in your application by demonstrating the mastery of your niches through process framed case studies.

1:1 Interview

A last point of quality control before being awarded a full membership, you will complete a 1:1 interview the Communo Success Team


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A Culture that Creates Capacity

Engage, Partner, Give and Get work in a Community that is built on Generosity and Reciprocity.

Not just an app a real-world movement

Communo takes place in an app, a slack channel, a compound and events, both online and in person. We are united everywhere we are.

A Foundation of Reciprocity

Engaged a community that exists to give and get. Together we are leading a movement built on generosity and abundance.

Breaking the chains of command

Get real-time access to decision makers across the community for business development or staffing opportunities. Move with Speed.

Thriving in a Shared Economy

Grow your business through meaningful relationships based on trust, transparency and shared values.

Scale up Responsibly

Add vetted talent to your roster without taking on the burden of full time employees for project sized opportunities.

Access Deep Expertise

The days of hiring generalists in shallow pools of broad talent are behind you. Get access to craftsmen with a laser focus.

Trust and Transparency

Do your life’s best work when you can open up, and work with your clients, contractors and partners in a better way.

Need more info?

Get all the details at one of our weekly online info sessions.

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Is there a fit?

Get pre-approved for your candidacy by completing your self-assessment.

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