20/03/2019 12pm-1pm MST

Marlene Cameron

Impostor Syndrome: The Silent Saboteur

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Impostor Syndrome: The Silent Saboteur

Discover why smart, accomplished people sometimes feel like impostors in spite of their obvious talent and success.

Impostor Syndrome is the domain of high achievers who’s confidence can be undermined by secret feelings of ‘not good enough’. Learn three steps to overcoming this mindset disconnect so that you can capitalize on your talent, capabilities and the value you bring to your clients and organization.

Attend this event to discover:

Identify Unproductive Thought Storms

Avoid Networking Pitfalls

Get Help with Your Elevator Pitch

Marlene Cameron

Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, CPC is a business confidence catalyst who helps high-achiever feel and be the accomplished professionals they already are. She helps executives and entrepreneurs who feel like impostors cultivate an unshakeable belief in themselves by overcoming self-defeating thoughts and negative feelings so that they can fully own their brilliance and be seen, be valued and be paid by the clients they most want to work with. If you doubt yourself and feel anxious about your capabilities all the degrees and credentials in the world won’t give you the self-assurance you need to stand out with confidence. This must be cultivated from within you.

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