Partner Spotlight: Digital Startup
July 18th, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Digital Startup

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Meet Digital Startup is a premier tactical training summit for eCommerce entrepreneurs, agencies, affiliates and performance marketers.

Attendees at this year’s summit on August 2nd and 3rd in Toronto will learn the exact structures, strategies, and step-by-step social marketing tactics that our expert speakers have used to build their 7, 8, and 9-figure digital businesses.

How Digital Startup is making an impact

Nadeem Ahmad shares the purpose behind the summit:

Supporting digital entrepreneurs from concept to conversion is the oxygen we want our community to breathe – this is the driving force behind why we created this event.”

He continues, “Digital Startup is a catalyst to help future digital entrepreneurs hone their skills in and around a community that they can call their own. A community championed by an alumni of seasoned professionals and marketers that have the breadth of experience that will make Russel Brunson blush and Donald Trump get a haircut.”

Why we are big fans

Communo’s membership is made up of a collection of entrepreneurs, from freelancers to business owners of all sizes that cover a wide range of industries, and this summit has value for our many members. 

Ahmad explains, “if you are a Product Owner, the summit will help you gain understanding to become independent and to take control of both product development and traffic generation.”

Affiliates and Media Buyer…this is a perfect opportunity to take your incredibly valuable skills in traffic generation, and be inspired and guided to create your own brands, product, and/or agencies.  Build brand equity that you can feel confident in scaling for the long term with the idea of exiting at some point. Not to mention, brushing up on new skills and updates to some of the biggest traffic sources.”

“And for agencies, you’ll retain action-based insights, skill sets, and education on building products and scaling traffic to help increase value to your current agency. Network with different services and people to add to your agency.”

Executives will gain a better understanding of brand and direct response marketing, and learn to look for better and new ways to build and scale existing or new products.  You will be surprised to discover the amount of opportunities you can bring to the corporate world, just by attending this event. Digital Startup has been geared to satisfy the needs of so many industries and professions.”

A partnership that works

Ahmad explains,

Truthfully, it’s the ocean of curious minds that speak through the language of creativity and culture that make up the essence of Communo.

Through a sheer sense of gratitude, some persuasive conversations and a platter of samosas – we came to an agreement that extending an exclusive experience to our Communo community was an absolute must. Those Communo members who want to attend in person will receive $50 off the ticket price (use promo code ds2022communo at checkout). But act fast as seats are limited! For those members who can’t attend in person, Digital Startup will be sharing the amazing content from the summit with some exclusive material just for Communo members.” 

From Nigeria to Nantucket and from Prince George to Pakistan we’d like to invite each one of you to Digital Startup 2022. Over the course of the two days we’ll be sure to give you the front seat experience – up close and personal with all our guests.

Work hard, play hard

To wrap up this amazing and informative event, Digital Startup will be hosting one of the most epic parties that the industry has experienced to date. Opening the floodgates to not just the attendees, but inviting the eCommerce, online marketing, and tech industry to create an atmosphere that will promote both enjoyment and excitement, but most importantly foster relationships. This is something worth catching FOMO over.

Use the exclusive Communo promo code ds2022communo to receive $50 off regular admission.

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