Business Spotlight: Goodlawyer
June 10th, 2022

Business Spotlight: Goodlawyer

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Meet Goodlawyer

Goodlawyer is here to help founders and freelancers succeed by connecting them to lawyers who love working with startups. Lawyers are hand-picked and interviewed, then rated by clients to ensure top-notch legal service. Goodlawyer’s upfront prices and first-class customer service are changing the way people think about lawyers.

How Goodlawyer is making an impact

Doing good and delivering social impact have been at the forefront of Goodlawyer’s business model from the start. Launched in 2018, CEO Brett Colvin explains the purpose behind Goodlawyer.

The idea for Goodlawyer really originated back in law school. I learned that most people weren’t able to get the legal help they need, whether it was growing their business, or on the personal side of things. There was a huge access-to-justice issue with 77% of legal needs in North America going unmet.”

The difficulty of obtaining legal help combined with the apparent job shortage for law school graduates didn’t sit right with Brett. He explains, “You have all these legal needs out there, three quarters, going unmet, and at the same time, it felt like there were too many lawyers. So, something felt off.”

After practicing at a big firm for a number of years, Brett felt he had figured out part of the problem.

“When you see how the legal sausage is made, you see that it’s driven by inefficiencies and bad incentives within a law firm context. That was leading to a ton of burnout for lawyers, and them exiting the profession. On the other hand, again, you have that access-to-justice crisis. So Goodlawyer really set out from day one to be that bridge; to not cut lawyers out, but to better utilize them.”

Why we are big fans

Communo’s membership is made up of a collection of entrepreneurs, from freelancers to business owners of all sizes, and Goodlawyer’s focus on Canadian founders makes them a perfect fit for our membership base. 

Brett elaborated on how Goodlawyer is able to provide exceptional value to business owners because they also hugely benefit lawyers.

Goodlawyer strips away the admin, the accounting, all of the things that lawyers didn’t go to law school to do, so they can focus on being good lawyers, and in return offer their services at upfront prices. We don’t offer billable hours at Goodlawyer, ever, so everything is transparent, and frankly, at prices far more accessible to founders.”

Brett continues, “Our focus is on early-stage startups all the way to raising your Series A. That’s our niche. You don’t have to be building the next Uber to fall in our wheelhouse. So for those freelancers who have never been able to access legal assistance before, Goodlawyer provides a conduit to getting some of that expertise from day one. Again, one of our flagship products is our $25 per page contract review, which really puts legal expertise in the hands of just about anyone. If you’ve got a contract and you’re unsure what is and isn’t in it, you can affordably have it looked at by a professional.”

Transparency around pricing is a key differentiator with Goodlawyer. Brett emphasizes that the calibre of lawyers and all services at an upfront rate is really key. When asked what else makes Goodlawyer stand out from competitors, Brett responded, “We’re not a do-it-yourself solution, so we’re not competing with the Law Depots or the LegalZooms. We’re not trying to cut out the lawyer. We provide a better and more modern professional lawyer experience. That’s what we’re offering. So, we’re competing with law firms, big and small. We’re focused on trying to help founders succeed. They tell us is that our transparency, affordability, and customer service are where we truly stand out.”

In the last year, Goodlawyer was able to help over 3,000 founders, with one-third of them trusting Goodlawyer to be the first lawyer they ever hired. Brett shares, “Again, we are providing access a service that is difficult to access for first-time founders and freelancers, and we’re developing a trusting relationship between clients and the excellent lawyers that serve them. I’m really excited to grow with all of the founders that we’re helping.”

A partnership that works

The goal of the partnership with Communo from day one was to get in front of freelancers who are signing contracts, who are dealing with legal hurdles, whether they’re trying to trademark their agency or start a new business with a partner. We want them to know that we have a better solution than the traditional law firm and the do-it-yourself options.”

Brett explains, “As a lawyer myself, I know the value add of legal. Equity compensation is a fantastic example of how legal guidance can help your company thrive. Too often legal is simply seen as a hurdle, rather than an asset.  We want to make legal more accessible so freelancers can grow and get peace of mind without breaking the bank.”

Education for founders is a key part of Goodlawyer’s offering. Brett highlights, “We put out new content every single week. We’re doing educational webinars on topics such as protecting your IP, why incorporating is important, securing grant funding with minimal hassle, and how to raise your seed round. We work hard to make everything accessible and even fun. It’s certainly different from the conventional law firms.”

Communo is proud to partner with Goodlawyer in its goals to democratize access to legal services by connecting Canadian founders and freelancers to a curated network of lawyers offering upfront prices and stellar customer service. 

Ready to talk to a Canadian startup lawyer?

Goodlawyer offers all new clients their pick of a free advice session ($39 value) or $50 off a contract review. 

Not to mention, Communo members get $100 in credits! Simply sign up using this link:

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