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Ryan Gill

Be Good at Sharing

Sharing is not the first instcint, but it is the right one. Creating powerful partners out of competitors is a incredible way to grow your business.

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Hacking the Sharing Economy with Ryan Gill

Be Good at Sharing

As children, our parents taught us the importance and joy of sharing. But as adults, we’re now much more suspicious of others and skeptical of their intentions. These adult tendencies are normal, but they aren’t productive, especially when it comes to growing your business.

It’s tough to share, but it’s so important. Good sharers tend to:

  • Demonstrate generosity
  • Express gratitude
  • Expand their influence by drawing others in
  • Display vulnerability

Bad sharers lack the desire to participate in something bigger than themselves, and I believe it’s because they don’t want to appear vulnerable. Maintaining an organization that handles it all, including high overhead that goes along with it, is counter-productive to doing great work.

Share more, get more.

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