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Communo exists to help agency owners and soloprenuers grow – professionally and personally. We help people enlarge their businesses, increase their profitability, and improve their quality of life.

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Many people try to appear more successful and more satisfied, than they actually are.

This is lack of self-awareness and dishonesty only perpetuates the issue, creating barriers to growth. Communo’s marketing and creative entrepreneurs display admirable levels of candor and humility that allows them to recognize their strength and weaknesses.. They struggle with issues like:

Reduced Income

They were making more money as an employee than they are now as their own boss

Feeding a Machine

They have too many people on their payroll but are too scared to let them go

Bad Clients

They hate most of their clients and are uninspired by the work they’re doing

Poor Valuation

They are disheartened by their firm’s valuation, having grossly overestimated their worth


They are exhausted, working more hours than ever before, with no end in sight

Career Stagnation

They are doing the same as five years ago, failing to ever ‘graduate’ to more desirable responsibilities

These conditions exist because most small business owners are better at performing their craft than they are at running their business. They have little training to define a compelling brand positioning, pitch their services, price and negotiate favorable contracts, create a culture that attracts and retains talented staff, or run an efficient business that adheres to acceptable operating ratios.

Those skills are most often taught by the school of hard knocks, and very few get an “A”.

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