December 1st, 2021

How Communo Helped Beats by Dre Fill 10 Roles in Only 4 Weeks

I’m bullish on Communo’s talent and how the platform supports businesses with recruitment. It’s user-friendly and scalable, and they’re constantly innovating.

Patrick O’Brien
Director of Marketing Operations, Apple


Beats by Dre

Beats Electronics is an American consumer audio products manufacturer founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Apple Inc. acquired Beats in 2014.

Beats headphones have made a name for themselves with their unique, stylish designs and award-winning sound. For the last 15 years, Beats has been delivering a tight lockup of sound, style, and bold innovation, bringing the best in music and culture.


Manual, time-consuming candidate selection process

Beats by Dre believes empowering black creatives is more important than ever. In 2020, the company launched the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) initiative to identify and support young black creators. They get to work with Beats and be mentored by industry leaders through a paid program called Black Creators.

“Beats is passionate about the creative industry and giving back. We wanted  black creators to work side by side with our teams and help us tell powerful stories,” explains Patrick O’Brien, Beats by Dre’s Director of Marketing Operations.

Beats hired Crown + Conquer agency to help manage the project, but finding creative talent took a lot of time, which created ROI concerns. The company had to find a way to streamline the recruiting process to justify keeping the program in 2021. 

And that’s where Communo comes in.

The first year we rolled out the HBCU initiative, the vetting and selection process was manual and challenging. We had to improve it to move forward.


A powerful system to automate application and recruitment

Back in 2020, Beats didn’t have a system to receive and manage applications from creators. As a result, the barrier for entry was very low, resulting in many unqualified applicants.

Reviewing each application was time-consuming, so the team went with talent recommendations from professors, which meant quality talent was overlooked.

In 2021, Beats and Crown + Conquer partnered with Communo to automate how they manage the Black Creators’ talent.

First, they used Communo to improve the program’s outreach and educate users about the program. They created a landing page and an onboarding flow to build student profiles and portfolios.

“Communo helped us track, review and shortlist all applicants, leaving it to Beats to decide the winners, ” explains Nathalie Ramirez, Account Manager at Crown + Conquer.

Second, they used Communo’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to review and rank applications all in one view. Students were scored based on skills, references, and portfolio completion.

Third, they used Communo’s chat functionality to directly message students who were shortlisted or declined, which kept everyone in the loop.

Patrick is confident using Communo was the right move because it increased the quality of the applications Beats received in 2021. 

“Communo helped us streamline the application process, making sure we only get people who are genuinely interested. We went from 436 applications in 2020 to 107 in 2021, but all candidates were solid,” he adds.

Communo makes the recruiting process transparent, which helps Beats make better hiring decisions.

Recruiting and vetting candidates was a real time suck before. Communo raised the value of the project because it made the recruitment process super efficient.


Filled 10 roles in only 4 weeks

Beats used to spend a lot of time recruiting creatives for its Black Creators program, which raised ROI concerns, jeopardizing its continuity. After partnering with Communo, Beats launched the program and awarded the positions in only 4 weeks, much faster than the previous year.

Thanks to the high level of automation Communo provides, Beats made the selection process more legitimate, ensuring every candidate gets an equal opportunity to succeed. 

Efficiency is key for a brand like Beats by Dre. Thanks to Communo, the brand attracts and finds stronger candidates, in less time. 

The future looks bright for Beats by Dre & Communo. “We plan to take a bigger role with Communo moving forward because it’s the future of work. It allows brands to work with a wide variety of great talent for short sprints,” concludes Patrick.

Recruiting and vetting candidates was a real time suck. Communo raised the value of the project by making the recruitment process efficient.

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