March 23rd, 2022

How Communo Helped El Tequileño Hire a Marketing Lead in Less Than Five Days

Communo is easy to use, and the experience I had with the Concierge team was seamless. We went from project briefing to hiring a candidate in less than five days. Talk about efficiency!”

Steve Kamajian, VP of Corporate Affairs , El Tequileño


El Tequileño

El Tequileño is a Mexican award-winning tequila company created by Mr. Jorge Salles Cuervo, which produced its own tequila since 1959. Over time, “El Tequileño”​ became Mexico’s most recognized tequila brand, thanks to its outstanding quality and excellent taste.

Paradise Spirits acquired El Tequileño in 2018 to share Mexico’s best-kept secret with the world. Steve Kamajian, the company’s VP of Corporate Affairs, focuses on export and looks after investors, corporate relations, and governance.


Hiring for evolving roles and retaining talent

Although a small company, El Tequileño has snowballed over the years, and as such, so have the responsibilities for marketing roles.

The company faced a dilemma when the in-house Marketing Coordinator resigned because the role was evolving, and the individual was resistant to change.

“As we expand our business, our marketing roles become bigger. We can’t keep changing employees because the role is evolving,” explains Steve.

El Tequileño needed to replace the employee with someone ready to embrace change and grow with the company. They also wanted to experiment with working with contractors to deliver projects faster, instead of hiring full-time employees or training existing team members.

We were looking to fill the Marketing Coordinator role today and tomorrow, hire experienced talent faster and become more agile.”

El Tequileño looked to Communo as a potential solution to find top marketing talent and retained the Communo Concierge team to assist them fully with recruiting.


Retained concierge to hire with confidence

Before Communo, I used my internal network of friends and people I knew to hire because of the level of trust I had. We hadn’t used talent platforms and job postings previously,” explains Steve.

So Communo’s Concierge team stepped in to guide Steve in adopting our open talent platform and helped him find the right marketing candidate.

“Communo helped us quickly nail down the solution that made sense for us and before we knew it, they brought on a project manager to guide us through the process.”

First, Communo built El Tequileño a powerful brand profile to attract candidates. Steve was looking for a mix of skills, so Concierge helped him scope the role and set up a budget that wouldn’t break the bank. Next, the Concierge team helped Steve create a clear and accurate job description.

“Communo took the job posting and made sure the role requirements and responsibilities are clearly defined so that it’s both relevant and attractive to potential candidates. I think that was very important,” adds Steve.

The platform’s transparency regarding talent is what Steve most loved about Communo; it helped him make better hiring decisions and save time.

I was able to see candidates work easily, without downloading PDFs, clicking on websites, or navigating the web to understand what projects they worked on before. It was all there,”

In less than three days, the Concierge team found 34 great candidates, shortlisted and interviewed the top selections before recommending the best fit. Steve sent the candidate his offer and from there, started an effective collaboration with the company’s new Marketing Coordinator.

“Having access to open talent widened my pool of candidates and enriched my team. We realized you don’t need to have somebody right beside you to create and deliver great work.”


Filled a marketing lead role in less than five days

Before Communo, El Tequileño had a small marketing team with big ambitions. The roles inside the company kept evolving but the company had issues retaining the right marketing talent to sustain growth.

Thanks to Communo, El Tequileño learned what it means to hire open talent with confidence and expanded its talent pool from local to international. It took Communo and El Tequileño less than five days to brief the project, shortlist candidates and replace the Marketing Coordinator—the quickest turnover in the company’s history.

Thanks to Communo, it took us less than five days to replace a marketing lead role. I couldn’t be more excited.”

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