December 1st, 2021

How Communo Helped Mason Cut Back on Hiring Fees by 90%

Communo offers high value for money and delivers on the brand promise. We keep coming back because of that.

Fran Onofrio,
Co-president, Mason



Mason is an award-winning, integrated agency using innovative ways to help clients reach their audience and build powerful brands. This full-service agency specializes in advertising, PR, social media, SEO, SEM, and website development.


Finding a cost-effective way to tap into top talent

When Neil, Mason’s digital creative director, moved from his full-time role to part-time, the company had to hire an extra team member to offload some of his responsibilities. 

But as Fran Onofrio, Mason’s co-president, explains, “Neil is a hard guy to duplicate: very  experienced, astute and creative, so we needed somebody to measure up.” 

Mason was hiring for a senior creative role, and the stakes were high.  

Used to paying high recruiter fees, Fran wanted to try a more affordable way to get top talent. He also felt like there was a lack of transparency in the recruiting process. 

Hiring time was a low point for Mason. On average, the company spent one month finding a candidate, so Fran and his team had to find a better, faster way to hire talent. 

“We had looked at a lot of different talent  platforms and services, but Communo’s  model was the most convincing. It seemed  like an efficient way to tap into a lot of talent.” 

And from there Mason and Communo began their partnership.

We used to pay 20% on recruiter fees and we didn’t have full transparency on salary negotiations.


Hired the right candidate 10x faster

Fran was impressed with Communo’s strong network of professionals. Mason had tried working with other talent platforms before but didn’t enjoy the user experience.

With other platforms, we had to weed through hundreds of resumes, qualified or not. We didn’t want that anymore.

Communo’s Concierge team proposed a personalized approach. They first identified Mason’s hiring needs and wrote a relevant job description.

“They asked insightful questions and worked with us to create and refine the job ad to attract the right applicants.”

Next, the Concierge team helped Fran shortlist and interview candidates and recommended the right fit for the role.

“The Concierge team makes everything easy. They helped us manage the applicants, conduct interviews and narrowed down the best fit.”

Mason used the platform to its full potential, taking advantage of its Bench feature to create an on-demand list of talent.

“With Communo, you don’t have to just settle on one candidate. While interviewing, we found not only the lead candidate but also a backup and freelancers who want to work with us on other projects.”

To Fran, the cost is another benefit of working with Communo. 

“Before Communo, we used to pay recruiters a high portion of the employee’s first-year salary. Communo is a cost-effective way to scale our staff without hurting our budget.”

Using Communo to hire open talent streamlined Mason’s recruiting process. All the time Fran previously spent looking for talent, he now uses to improve client service, get new business, and manage his agency.

Another big plus for Mason was the increased transparency Communo provided with payment negotiations.

“Communo cuts out the middleman. The Concierge team arranges for you to meet candidates but then steps out of the way. We work directly with the candidate and know what we’re negotiating,” he says.

Fran will keep coming back to Communo because the two teams are a great fit.

“With Communo, it’s always a close interaction because they’re friendly, responsive, and easy-going, and we can relate.”

It takes time to find great talent. The Concierge team took a lot of that time off of our plate, giving us a reviewed and approved list of the best talent.


Cut back on hiring fees by over 90% + hired 10x faster

Before Communo, Mason used to pay over 20% of every new hire’s salary on recruiter fees. Since working with Communo’s Concierge team, the company cut back on hiring costs by over 90%.

Hiring a new employee used to take the company up to two months. With Communo Concierge, it took less than ten days to find a candidate, making the hiring process 10x faster.

Overall, Communo helped Mason streamline hiring and set their team up for success. 

“When you need to fill a role fast, you want a list with the most qualified people. That’s what Concierge did for us: pre-qualify candidates, making it easy for us to hire the best fit.”

Whether you’re looking for a freelancer or a more permanent role, Communo has huge value, especially for small to mid-sized agencies like us. We saved 90% on hiring fees.

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