February 16th, 2022

Recruiting and Hiring Marketing and Design Roles for Lemon Perfect in Under 3 Weeks

“Everything from the way the platform helps get to the
right short list of recommended talent to the human touch
that the company provides in supporting a brand like
Lemon Perfect as we navigate towards eventual new hires
has been something I’ve been really excited about and
happy with.
We needed the right partner to help augment our hiring
capabilities and Communo’s proven to be that partner.”

Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer for Lemon


Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is a beverage company at the intersection of flavor and
good-for-you. The disruptive brand provides cold-pressed lemon
water with essential electrolytes and a blast of antioxidant vitamin C.
They utilize high-pressure processing (HPP), and contain only 5
calories per 12 oz. bottle. Lemon Perfect’s mission is to democratize
drinkable wellness by making Lemon Perfect accessible for anyone,
anytime, anywhere.


Sourcing top talent efficiently in an extremely
competitive hiring market

When trying to scale Lemon Perfect’s marketing team quickly, and most importantly, with the right candidates, Michael Smith knew he was facing some serious hurdles.

“There were two really big challenges for us. Lemon Perfect is not yet a well-known brand, especially being a beverage company and therefore a consumer-facing product; the lack of that name recognition I do think hindered us a little bit in making sure that we were a top-of-mind potential opportunity for candidates. The lack of overall brand awareness that comes with being a business of our size was the biggest challenge. The second challenge for us was really identifying talent that we felt would fit and augment the culture that we are trying to build.”

Given that Lemon Perfect is still a small company, we need to be really precise in every hire that we make, and we need to think about that, not just from the perspective of ‘are we bringing the right skillset into the company’, but also ‘are we bringing the right mindset into the company?”

Michael recognized they needed some help filling these roles with candidates that not only had the right qualifications, but that shared Lemon Perfect’s values and would amplify those values moving forward. A candidate that would want to be part of a dynamic and growing organization. 

For a company experiencing hyper-growth, as Lemon Perfect is, sourcing, reviewing and vetting candidates themselves was no longer an option.

So Michael and his team partnered with Communo to help solve these challenges.

“We quickly reached a point where that’s no longer a scalable exercise for us, and so that’s what led us to look for the right partner to help augment our hiring capabilities ”


Hired the right candidate efficiently, within salary budget and with an empathetic approach

Michael found that Communo’s approach of utilizing technology with a human touch aligned well with Lemon Perfect’s hiring needs.

“First and foremost, the ability for Communo to not just provide a talent pool, but to leverage a recommendation engine that could help guide us towards the right candidates and do so in a way that provides clear visibility around who Communo recommends for specific roles and how potential candidates stack up against each other, I think is a really effective tool at helping us get to the right short list. I think that was extremely valuable.”

Michael continues “the fact that the algorithmic layer is then connected to a human touch when you get to that short list and start talking through the various candidates and what you’re really looking to bring into your organization, and where there are pros and cons across some of the talent that you’re considering, I think is also really valuable.”

In today’s competitive hiring market, the ability to find qualified candidates while also fairly representing the employer is a balancing act.

Michael shared, “Communo’s ability to help really balance finding the right fit for the candidate, but also acting as an advocate for the company as well, and provide that level of support when dealing with different candidates is crucial. Communo brings that emotional intelligence around how to not only manage the individual that hopefully will be extremely excited to join our company, but those candidates who will definitely be feeling a level of disappointment when not selected.”

“Where Communo was so valuable to us was in helping us assess not just the hard skills from a talent perspective, but the right culture fit for the organization.”


Filled multiple marketing roles in under 3 weeks

Lemon Perfect moved from a slow-paced, time intensive method of finding, reviewing and vetting potential candidates to a scaleable, efficient and trusted source of talent with Communo.

The Communo platform and recruitment team streamlined the hiring process including posting the job description and scope of the role, reviewing candidates work history and portfolios, and communicating with applicants through the interview to offer stage.

Michael valued the empathetic approach to both the Lemon Perfect brand, and the potential candidates, and the fact that they were able to fill two marketing roles in under three weeks with qualified talent that was a right fit for their dynamic company.

The Communo recruitment team with Rachelle at the helm couldn’t have been a better partner for us throughout this process, and I would work with them again in a second on any open roles.

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