December 6th, 2021

Six days recruit the team that launched the positive news story of the pandemic.

We went from zero to being on a huge news network in less than eight weeks, thanks to the community and the people we met on Communo.

John Krasinski,
Creator, Some Good News


John Krasinski

John Krasinski is best known for playing Jim Halpert on the hit sitcom The Office. He’s an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter and runs his own production company called Sunday Night Productions.


Create and launch a show during a pandemic

For years, John Krasinski had been wondering why there wasn’t a news show entirely about good news. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Krasinski decided it was the right time to put his idea into practice and produce a show focused on sharing good, heartwarming news.

John had teased his Twitter followers with the concept, and while demand for the show was huge, he wasn’t sure how to pull it off during an international lockdown. His main challenges were:

The answer to John’s questions was Communo.

Ladies and gentlemen…this is Some Good News. I’m John Krasinski, and if it isn’t clear yet, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.


4 Agencies & 3 freelancers working together

John and his production company used Communo to find and hire talent with highly specific and production skills to bring Some Good News to life. Communo puts a huge emphasis on compatibility, which simplified the process: three agencies and two freelancers were matched on the platform based on their interests, skills and experience.

Communo helped John and his team hit the ground running—a huge asset when project timelines are short. All members were vetted in advance, allowing the company to onboard talent in minutes.  

“Communo members responded soon after the projects went live, and we were able to interview and start asap,” says John.

The edit for the first episode was done in record time by Senior Post, an award winning story-creation company based in Brooklyn and it premiered on March 29. A viral sensation, it got 10M views in the first week. Soon, Krasinski needed more talent to scale the project, and turned to Communo for the second time. 

“Filling those roles quickly with high-performing professionals was critical to the project’s continuity, and our community was ready to roll,” explains Ryan Gill, Communo’s CEO. 

The production team hired Arcade Studios, a digital creative agency based in Calgary to manage social media. Made in Network, from Nashville, managed video distribution across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. GIFs were created by Giflytics from New Haven, Connecticut, alongside three freelancers. 

The quick onboarding of these creative professionals allowed Krasinski’s producers to transform SGN from a fun side project into a full-fledged media operation overnight. With each subsequent episode, the show grew in popularity and emotional impact as more people, brands and organizations wanted to be part of it. 

Through it all, Communo members were working behind the scenes, turning around new episodes in seven days or less for eight straight weeks, thanks to the flexibility and agility of Communo’s talented community. 

Communo is more than just a job app. It’s an online community bringing brands, agencies and freelancers together to do the work they love.


2.3M shares, 48M followers, and 142M views

John Krasinski and his team staffed, produced, launched and marketed the fastest growing TV show of all time. Thanks to Communo, it took them 3 days to find talent and 6 days to launch the show.

Some Good News received 142M views across all platforms during its eight week run, 48M followers, and 2.3M shares. John sold the show to CBS Viacom for 10MM.  

Helped by AT&T and Pepsi, SGN raised money for charitable causes and received a Webby award. Most importantly, the show provided comfort and positivity to people around the globe during an extremely stressful time.

The overwhelming success of Some Good News is proof of the efficacy of Communo’s “build your own agency” model. A remote team can come together and knock out an award-winning product that captures the world’s attention in no time.

Launching a media company overnight, with a team that never met in person, was a special challenge, and the team produced outstanding work—from cutting the show to promoting it. They achieved something only seasoned professionals can.

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