Alysia K, Photographer
Benjamin V, Digital Coordinator
Monica S, Writer

Hire the right talent for your job.

Communo helps growing companies hire top creative, marketing and tech talent.

Recruitment with Results

1 Day
To Clarify Role
Vetted Candidates
3 Days
To First Interview
1 Day
To Hire Contract
3 Weeks
To Hire Full Time
2x More
Cost Effective


We use Communo to outsource our creative and production teams and have found amazing talent. The best part? We have onboarded people in less than 24 hours.

Tammy Tross, COO
Cult Collective

Communo assisted me in dialing down the best candidates based on the skills I was looking for.

Amy Flemmer
Flemmer Real Estate

With platforms like Upwork, you never know what work you’re going to get. Communo gave me the confidence I’ll get high-quality work and a good return.

Thomas Williams, CMO
Arizona College of Nursing

Communo helped us quickly nail down the solution that made sense for us, hire experienced talent faster, and be more agile.

Steve kamajian, VP
El Tequileño

Communo’s Concierge team was always there for us, helping us unlock a pool of experienced talent and create a powerful mix of full-time employees and contractors to deliver projects and sustain growth.

Daniel Ogden, CMO

I’ve been with Communo since day one. It has helped me expand my network and get top work opportunities to grow my business.

Aryn Kalson Sperandio, Founder
True Story Consulting



Our specialized recruitment, network, and partners ensure you will get the right talent for your job, every time.

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Build your
dream team

  • Get support defining your role and budgeting for it correctly.
  • View a shortlist of vetted candidates for your role in three days or less.
  • Make your offer with confidence, and insight about the market.


Scale your

  • Get direct access to vetted talent for contract and full time jobs.
  • Ditch spreadsheets and create your own talent database.
  • Source new business opportunities and projects.


Work with great companies

  • Find meaningful work that fits your skill set.
  • Work on your own terms and get paid what you deserve.
  • Create long-term connections with great employers.
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